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The Jinko Solar Eagle G2 JKM395M-72HL-V solar panel features 144 5-busbar Diamond Mono PERC half-cells that are PID Free and shade tolerant. They are certified for high snow (5400Pa) and wind (2400Pa) loads and have an IP67 Rated Junction Box for longevity in outdoor environments. Featuring High-voltage 1500V capability with UL & IEC certification, you can run longer strings with lower balance of system costs and better LCOE.

Jinko Solar Eagle Continental 395W JKM395M-72HBL-V

  • Max Power 395 Watts
    Open Circuit Voltage 49.5V
    Short Circuit Current 10.23 Amps
    MaximumPowerVoltage(Vmp): 41,4V
    MaximumSeriesFuseRating: 20A
    Dimensions: 79.06in x 39.45 inx 1.57 in
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