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  • Using technology from the EG4 3kW All-in-One Solar Inverter, the EG4 MPPT100-48HV is a simple, affordable, yet reliable solar charge controller MPPT(Maximum Power Point Tracking).

    The EG4 MPPT100-48HV solar charge controller extracts the maximum available power from your PV modules and safely converts it to a lower voltage to charge your battery bank. Optimize your new or existing solar power system by adding this unit and take advantage of additional solar harvesting capabilities.

    Powerful PV array MPPT voltage range - No need for combiner boxes
  • Max open-circuit voltage of 500VDC
  • 5500W max usable solar panel PV array power when combining 2 strings with a branch connector
  • 22A max PV string current
  • 100A max charging current for quick battery charging rates - Adjustable from 0A-100A(Default 80A).
  • Capable of charging a 5.12kWh EG4 battery in ~1 hour @ 100A
  • Recommended operating usage: 80A total or 30A per battery to maintain battery lifespan
  • Battery voltage: 48V nominal.
  • 48-62VDC charging voltage (default 56Vdc)
  • Built-in breakers for added protection.

  • PV array DC disconnect breaker
  • Built-in battery breaker for added protection
  • Effective and efficient

  • 94% max charge controller efficiency
  • Less than 25W self-consumption
  • BMS Communication
  • The MPPT charger is able to communicate with EG4 batteries when operating with non-EG4 compatible inverters via its RS485 BMS port.
  • What is an MPPT Charge Controller?

    An MPPT, or maximum power point tracker is a DC-to-DC converter that optimizes the power between the solar panel array, and the battery bank. Basically, they convert a higher voltage DC output from solar panels down to the lower and consistent voltage needed to charge batteries.

EG4 Solar Charge Controller MPPT | 500VDC 100A | MPPT100-48HV

  • Charger Specifications

    Battery Voltage 48Vdc nominal

    Charge Current 5-100A (default 80A)

    Bulk Charging Voltage 48-62Vdc (default 56Vdc)

    Float Charging Voltage 48Vdc to bulk charging voltage (default 56Vdc)

    Overcharge Protection 63Vdc

    Max Efficiency 94%

    Self-Consumption <25W


    Solar Specifications

    Max PV Array Open Circuit Voltage 500Vdc

    PV Array MPPT Operating Voltage Range 120-450Vdc

    Number of Trackers 1

    Max Solar Current Draw 18A

    Max PV String Current 22A

    Max Usable PV Array Power 5500W

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