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More powerful than any portable box you can buy online, this is the step UP from the DOG POWER BOX Mini.
You get DOUBLE the power and still remain portable.

Power anything from your lights, computer, refrigerator, microwave, window ac units and even an RV!

The RV Edition is 12V and includes cigarette lighter port, jumper cables and ability to charge off your 12V auto system (car or RV). RV Edition is $250 more.

DOG Power Box v3 PRO

  • Product INFO:

    - 2000W Inverter, Pure Sine Wave to protect your electronics

    - NEW Lithium Battery, 5000W cycles, up to 30 Years Life

    - 2 15A AC Outlets with covers (1 on each side)

    - Voltmeter to check battery state of charge

    - 4x USB ports, with fast charging & TYPE C

    - Quick Connector for expansion battery or solar charge controller

    - Milwaukee Tough Box, water resistant

    - Compatible with Milwaukee PACKOUT Toolboxes

    1.2kW (12V) w/ 2200W Inverter & built-in 20A MPPT solar controller: $1,899 [1 AVAILABLE]

    2.4kW (24V) w/ 2000W Inverter PRO model: $2,399
    2.4kW (12V) w/ 2000W Inverter PRO RV EDITION: $2,649



    - 60A MPPT Solar Charge Controller for maximum efficiency

    - Battery Breaker for safety from short circuit and user error



    - High efficiency Monocrystalline name brand panels

    - High voltage for less power loss

    - 25FT of PV Cable [Additional available at $2/FT]

    - Quick plug connectors make it easy to hookup, only plugs one way, no tools required!


    Solar Wiring: $50 for 25ft set.

    Panels: $140 each

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