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This fully portable and stackable electric generator can take you off grid fast!
Solar input ready, just add our solar controller box and up to 6 of our 210W panels up to 1260W!

Fully portable with wheels and compatible with our vast array of Power Box v3 products, this system is infinitely expandable and transportable!

The v3 PRO and v3 mini stack easily and securely on top of the v3 CART.

Equipped with a large 3000W pure sine wave inverter, this cart will power anything up to RVs, trailers, tiny homes all the way down to LED lights, refrigerators, laptops, computers, air conditioners, internet router/modems, TVs, full size blenders and much more.


Featuring a lithium battery bank of 2.5kWh (or larger), this box has double the energy capacity of our competitors and is fully assembled in California by our local team. That means we answer all your technical questions without sending you through annoying support funnels and talking to staff in bizarre time zones!

DOG Power Box v3 CART

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