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High Efficiency 60 Amp MPPT Charge Controller Easy and safe to wire with included breakers for solar input and battery output. Cost 50% less than other new controllers


INCLUDES: 32A Dual pole Solar Input breaker, 63A Dual pole battery output breaker & DIN Rail for Mounting as well as a backing board with handle and our quick disconnect system for Solar input and battery output.

60A MPPT Charge Controller with BREAKERS and Backing Board Included

$275.00 Regular Price
$265.00Sale Price
  • 【60A-V118 60 Amp MPPT Solar Charge Controller 5 times Tracking Speed; Not PWM Regulator

    【Parameter Ajustable】Automatically Support 12V 24V 36V 48V Lead-Acid AGM Gel Lithium LiFePo4 Battery In Series Or In Parallel Connection On Bat+,Bat- Terminal

    【Multiple Protection】Automatic Overcharge Protection, Output Limited Current Protection,Over Temperature Protection

    【LCD Display】Multi-Function Liquid Crystal Display Back-Light Cumulative Power Generation Error Code To Prompt Wrong Status

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