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Hello off grid solar enthusiast and future customer!

This is Matthew Leach with Dragon Off Grid Solar in North California. I have setup and sold over 300 small off grid solar systems in Mendocino, Lake and Sonoma counties.


I know you're here for your free solar panel with the purchase of an off grid kit, and within just a minute or two we can get that available for you! However due to the sheer volume of calls, questions and messages, we must screen all inquiries to those who are actually serious about purchasing a solar kit.

As such we've provided a link below for you to deposit just $25 down, and after which we will call (and text) you right away to help select or design a kit just for you to exactly meet your needs and budget. Go ahead, don't wait. Supplies will not last much longer.

We currently have: 15 of BP 155W used panels available.
We currently have 8 of100W Like New Panels available.


By submitting your deposit you will also gain access to our sale of pre-owned lithium batteries with prices up to an incredible 40% off!

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