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The REGO 12V 3000W inverter charger combines the inverter and battery charger into one complete powerful solution. 3000W continuous pure sine wave AC output and peak power up to 9000W, allows you to power most heavy-duty appliances easily. The inverter charger transforms the DC power stored in the battery bank into standard household AC power. It also recharges popular 12V house batteries, including lithium, when AC power is available. The integrated transfer relay with neutral ground bonding allows switching from shore power mode to inverter and vise versa ensures your RV doesn't lose power unexpectedly. Built-in Bluetooth connectivity allows you to easily monitor and manage the inverter charger using your smartphone with the Renogy DC Home App. The REGO inverter charger is a perfect backup power source to provide uninterrupted power for your RV without having to worry about losing access to the connected devices and appliances

Please Note:

The listed dimensions we provide are solely the device body dimensions. Please do reserve space for cable grommets and installing cables.

Renogy REGO 12V 3000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter Charger w/ LCD Display

  • Power Your Off-grid Life

    The REGO 3000W Inverter Charger transforms the DC power stored in the battery bank into standard household AC power. It also charges and maintains the battery bank when connected to shore power. The inverter charger is compatible with all kinds of popular 12V battery types, GEL, AGM, SLA, FLD, CAL, and Lithium. Ideal for applications going back and forth from shore and inverter power automatically.

    Built-in Bluetooth Connectivity, Controls the Energy in Your Hands

    The built-in Bluetooth allows you to monitor the status of the REGO inverter charger via the Renogy DC Home App directly on your smartphone. The device can also connect with the Renogy One M1, the all-in-one dashboard provides you access to accurate real-time energy data of your whole system.

    Note: Renogy One M1 is sold separately.

    4-Stage Charging Technology, Maximize the Efficiency and Battery Life

    The REGO 3000W pure sine wave inverter charger utilizes 4-stage charging(Bulk, Boost, Float, EQU), to maintain the highest state of charge for the battery. This ensures the battery can be efficiently and automatically charged to 100% and maximize the battery lifespan.

    Easy-to-Use LCD Display Panel

    The REGO inverter charger features a bright LCD display that allows you to easiliy identify the current operation status and alert messages. You can easily navigate the display pages or set the parameters of the inverter charger with the four function keys below the display. The input voltage range and battery charging current are configurable.


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