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Built on Lithion Battery’s decade-long experience of producing 12 V batteries for the medical market, the U1-12RJ is a 12-volt, 45 Ah battery that is the size of a Group U1R battery, but with a longer run time than a larger 55 Ah lead acid battery. The battery was specifically designed to communicate with advanced Li-ion inverter/chargers such as those made by Tripp Lite® and AMETEK®/POWERVAR®, requiring only a simple RJ45 patch cable to provide communications. The U1-12RJ is a perfect solution for medical carts, carts on wheels (COWs), or any type of mobile medical device that needs autonomous power.



*36-39AH (90%+ original capacity)

12V LiFePO4 (Valence U-Charge U1-12RJ 12.8V) *40AH+ TEST LIKE NEW*

    •  Intrinsic safety profile of lithium iron phosphate battery chemistry
    •  UL 2054 Recognized and complies IEC 62133 CB Scheme
    •  Built-in protection from over-charge, over-discharge, and short circuit conditions
    •  Communicates battery status and accurate state of charge to invertercharger or BDI via RJ45 connector
    •  Maintenance-free design
    •  Recharges completely in as little as 2 hours
    •  24 hour run time when charged during shift changes/breaks
    •  >4000 cycles at 80% DOD
    •  Series connection up to four (4) batteries (48 V)
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