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URE modules use state-of-the-art cell cutting technology, and advanced module
manufacturing experience to provide leading power density and long term reliability.


At 445 Watts and 20.57% Efficiency URE Solar Panels are Industry Leaders in Output and Efficiency

Super All Black Design with more Uniform Appearance for High Profile Residential Installations


High Quality Solar Cell Technology allows URE to be a major international exporter to Solar Module manufacturers in the United States and Europe


Excellent Performance in Low Light and Poor Weather Conditions to Maximize Energy Harvest


Winner of Taiwan Excellence Award 7 Consecutive Years for Highest Efficiency Module

URE 445W FBM445M7G-BB Mono-Crystalline PV Module

  • Max Power 445 Watts
    Open Circuit Voltage 41.9V
    Short Circuit Current 13.48 Amps
    Voltage at Pmax (Vmp) 34.8V
    Series Fuse Rating: 30A
    Dimensions: 1908 mm (L)1x 1134 mm (W)1x 35 mm (D)2/75.12 (L)1x 44.65 (W)1x 1.38 (D)2
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