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  • Plus Only Power Tolerance: 0-+5W
  • High Mechanical Load Strength:

Product to Withstand High Wind Loads (2400Pa) and High Snow Loads (5400Pa) in Accordance with IEC 61215

  • Fully Automated Production Line:
  1. Better Soldering
  2. Better Cell Spacing Tolerance: ±0.3mm
  3. Better and More Consistent Product Quality

Talesun TP660P 240W Solar Panel

  • Max Power 240W
    Open Circuit Voltage 36.9V
    Short Circuit Current 8.62A 
    Operating volt 29.7V
    Operating current 8.08A
    Maximum Series Fuse    15A
    VOC 36.9V
    Module Dimensions: 1640×990×40mm(64.6×39.0×1.6inch)
    Weight: 20kg(44.1lbs)
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