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TUV Power controlled: Lowest measuring tolerance in industry


Every component is tested to meet 3 times IEC requirements


Designed to withstand heavy accumulations of snow and ice


Sunmodule Plus: Positive performance tolerance


25-year linear performance warranty and 10-year product warranty


Glass with anti-reflective coating


World-class quality
Fully-automated production lines and seamless monitoring of the process and material
ensure the quality that the company sets as its benchmark for its sites worldwide.

SolarWorld Plus-Sorting
Plus-Sorting guarantees highest system efficiency. SolarWorld only delivers modules that
have greater than or equal to the nameplate rated power.

Sunmodule Plus SW280 mono

  • Max Power 280 Watts
    Open Circuit Voltage 39.5V
    Short Circuit Current 9.71 Amps
    Voltage at Pmax (Vmp) 31.2V
    Dimensions: 6.14 in x 6.14 in (156 mm x 156 mm)
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