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Silfab Prime NTC utilizes next-generation N-Type solar cell technology, contributing to significantly higher efficiency levels and longevity while maximizing energy production and reduced degradation over time. The triple black design looks clean and elegant.


Next Generation N-Type Cell Technology

Silfab Prime NTC cells surpass the performance and reliability limitations encountered in standard solar cells, resulting in enhanced power output, higher efficiency in low light conditions, consistent performance in high temperatures, improved shade tolerance, and reduced degradation rates throughout the lifetime of the panel. 



Silfab Prime NTC boast significantly higher efficiency levels than standard conventional solar panels through better LCOE (levelized cost of electricity), requiring fewer solar panels and delivering unmatched efficiency and generating more power over the solar system’s life. 



Silfab Prime NTC presents lower degradation in comparison to industry standard panels annually, attributed to their heightened resilience against diverse stressors, encompassing light exposure, mechanical loads, and thermal fluctuations, etc. 

SILFAB 420 QD Prime Modules

  • Max Power 420 Watts
    Open Circuit Voltage 38.84V
    Short Circuit Current 13.50 Amps
    Voltage at Pmax (Vmp) 33.08V
    Series Fuse Rating: 25A
    Dimensions: 1721 mm x 1133 mm x 35 mm / 67.8 in x 44.6 in x 1.37 in
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