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【1% Accuracy Measurement】 Shunt-type monitor design provides much more accurate real-time voltage and current draw measurement.


【Protect the batteries】 With High and low capacity alarm functions, our battery monitor with shunt will alarm, and backlight and voltage value will flash simultaneously to protect the batteries from getting over-discharged.


【Fit for all battery】 Compatible with various battery types, including Lead Acid (AGM, GEL), Lithium Iron Phosphate, Lithium-ion, Nickel-metal hybrid.


【Easy To read】 Displays multiple electronic parameters, including Voltage, Current, Consumed Power, Battery Capacity, and battery degradation rate with a customized brightness high-definition Backlight Display.


【Easy to Install】 Transparent shunt holder makes it easier to mount the shunt. And the 20ft Shielded cable allows you to monitor the battery status from a distance.

Renogy 500A Battery Monitor With Shunt

  • The Renogy Battery Monitor is designed to monitor performance for most kinds of batteries. Its high-precision measurements will eliminate the guesswork from battery usage and improve your battery bank's overall performance and longevity!

    It is a universal battery monitor that you can use with voltage ranging from 10V to 120V and up to 500A.


    The backlight will automatically shut down when the charging current is <100mA and only 1 mA Standby Dissipation. This battery monitor is equipped with data storage capacity. It automatically saves the last testing data when its power is off.


    This monitor gives you high precision current detection and accurate battery state of charge. You can also set an alarm for high or low current voltage. When the alarm is activated, the backlight and voltage value will be shown on the screen to alert you on what to do when you reach the cut-off voltage.


    The package includes the LCD interface, 500A shunt, transparent shunt holder, 20 ft shielded wire, and B+ wire. The shunt holder makes it very convenient to mount the shunt while the long shielded wire allows you to monitor the status of your battery from a distance.

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