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Custom Battery Banks ready to go in your off grid or other application

We ONLY use high quality BMS.

Contact us for other options; Current options:

12V 4S (12.8v) 100AH LiFePo4

12V 4S (12.8v) 200AH LiFePo4

12V 4S (12.8v) 230AH LiFePo4

12V 4S (12.8v) 460AH LiFePo4

24V 8S (25.3v) 100AH LiFePo4

24V 8S (25.3v) 200AH LiFePo4

24V 8S (25.6v) 230Ah LiFePo4

48V 16S (51.2v) 100Ah LiFePo4

48V 16S (51.2v) 230Ah LiFePo4

24V 7s (25.76v) 94Ah Li-Ion

24V 7s (25.76v) 188Ah Li-Ion

48v 14s (51.52v) 94Ah Li-Ion

CUSTOM Lithium Battery Packs

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