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The BP 2150S PV module is part of BP Solar’s new series of 72-cell modules designed specifically for large PV systems. With the strongest frame in the industry, time-tested monocrystalline silicon solar cells, integral bypass diodes, and installation-speeding MultiContact® polarized connectors, it provides cost-effective power for DC loads or, with an inverter, AC loads. Its 72-cell series string charges 24V batteries (or multiples of 24V) efficiently in virtually any climate. With 150 watts of nominal maximum power, the BP 2150S is primarily used in utility grid-supplemental systems, telecommunication systems, pumping and irrigation, cathodic protection, remote villages and homes, and landbased navigation aids.

BPSolar BP2150S 150W Monocrystalline Solar Panel

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  • Max Power 150W
    Open Circuit Voltage 42.8V
    Short Circuit Current 4.75A 
    Rated Voltage (Vmp): 34.0V
    Rated Current (Imp): 4.45A
    Maximum Series Fuse    10A
    Module Dimensions:  
    1590 mm (62.6in) L790mm (31.1in W)50mm (1.98in) D (thick)
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