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Our 2022 Edition 300W Solar Board is improved and ready for deployment this Summer.

Simply wire up your solar array and 12V battery and you have a complete solar system that's easy to setup, easy to move and easy to see how it all works together.

300W 12V SOLAR BOARD, Portable ALL-IN-ONE Kit

  • Operating Voltage: 12 Volts
    Battery Compatibility: Lithium, Lead (sealed or flooded)
    Max Output: 300 Watts
    Max Solar Input: 650 Watts

    Charge Controller Max Amps: 60
    Charge Controller Max Voltage: 80V Open Circuit

    Charge Controller Programmable
    Inverter Low Voltage Protection
    Inverter Overload Protection

    Recommended Battery: 50Ah to 200Ah (500Wh to 2400Wh) [WH = Watt Hours]

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